The Gatherers


The Gatherers are a group of Single Christians who get together to make friends and enjoy social events. 30s,40s,50s, 60s.


The Gatherers

Social Group for Christian Singles in West Yorkshire and the surrounding area

Many of the group find that our local churches aim (socially) at families and children, and that singles are a group that tends to get overlooked. Events are organised by different members of the group covering varied interests including visits to interesting places, meals out, BBQs, parties etc. Membership is informal and the group are always open to suggestions! We are open to Christians singles in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s & 60’s. To get involved add yourself to our mailing list and then you will be given our programme. Exact details of times and meeting places, and contact numbers or emails will be given in the week before an event. Simply let the contact person know you are coming. It’s a great way to make new friends and have opportunities to go out to a variety of interesting things, rather than being stuck at home alone!

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events.

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What We Do

Trips Out

We have recently visited Bolton Abbey, and Goddard House. Also York Minster, public gardens, Christmas fairs, bonfire nights etc. We have more interesting trips out planned ahead.

Meals Out

We have been to several lovely pubs and restaurants for a meal out together, as well as charity meals at people’s homes.

Concerts & Theatres

We have been to see Leeds Symphony Orchestra on several occasions, which one of our members is in. Also visits to the theatre (even outdoor!) and films.


We have a Christmas party every year, and sometimes other things like a Pudding & Poetry Party, games evening, wine tasting etc

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